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Leathers and Materials

What is Calf?

Calf or Calfskin is a type of leather sourced from the hide of young cattle, known as calves. It is valued for its fine grain, soft texture, and durability. Calfskin is commonly used in the production of high-quality leather goods, including shoes, b

What is Museum Calf?

Museum Calf refers to a type of leather characterized by its unique and expressive patina, resembling the rich hues and antiqued appearance often found in museum artifacts. This leather undergoes a specialized finishing process that enhances its dept

What is Softcalf?

Softcalf is a type of calf leather that undergoes additional processing to achieve enhanced softness and a supple feel. This treatment makes the leather more comfortable from the start and is often used in the production of luxurious and comfortable

What is Waxy Commander?

Waxy Commander is a type of leather that has been treated with waxes and oils during the tanning process. This treatment imparts a distinctive waxy finish to the leather, providing it with a rugged and weathered appearance. Waxy Commander leather is

What is Waxy Kudu?

Waxy Kudu refers to a type of leather made from the hide of the kudu antelope that has been treated with waxes, oils, or other finishes during the tanning process. This treatment imparts a waxy or oily appearance to the leather, enhancing its durabil

What is Shell Cordovan?

Shell Cordovan is a premium, highly coveted leather obtained from the fibrous flat muscle (shell) beneath the skin of a horsehide. Known for its exceptional durability, smooth texture, and unique patina, Shell Cordovan is often used to craft high-qua

What is Waxy Shell Cordovan?

Waxy Shell Cordovan is a variant of the highly prized Shell Cordovan leather that undergoes a finishing process involving the application of waxes. This treatment enhances the leather's natural luster, durability, and weather resistance while maintai

What is Antique Calf?

Antique Calf is a type of leather that undergoes a finishing process to create an aged or distressed appearance. This involves applying dyes, waxes, or pigments to achieve a nuanced color palette, emphasizing natural variations and giving the leather

What is Suede?

Suede is a type of leather with a soft, napped surface. It is typically made from the underside of animal hides. The texture is achieved by brushing or sanding the leather to create a velvet-like feel. Suede is known for its luxurious appearance and

What is Patent leather?

Patent leather is a type of calf leather that has been coated with a glossy and shiny finish. This glossy appearance is achieved through a process of applying multiple layers of a varnish or lacquer-like substance to the leather surface. The result i

What are studded rubber soles?

Studded rubber soles refer to shoe soles made of rubber that have embedded studs or small protrusions on the bottom. These studs are designed to provide better traction and grip, particularly on slippery or uneven surfaces. The studs enhance stabilit

What are leather soles?

Leather soles are shoe soles made from natural leather. These soles are known for their flexibility, comfort, and durability. Leather soles are often used in high-quality dress shoes and traditional craftsmanship. They can provide a sleek and elegant

What is a metal shank?

A metal shank in Goodyear-welted shoes refers to a supportive piece made of metal, often steel or another durable alloy, that is inserted between the insole and outsole of the shoe. This shank provides structural reinforcement, adds stability, and su

What is the welt?

In a Goodyear-welted shoe, the welt is a strip of leather, rubber, or other material that is stitched to both the upper part of the shoe and the insole. In our case you will always find a leather welt. This creates a visible seam that runs around the

What is the difference between Calf and Softcalf?

"Calf" and "Softcalf" generally refer to leather made from the hide of a young calf, but the term "Softcalf" is often used to describe a specific type of calf leather that has undergone additional processing for a softer feel. Calf Leather:. Softcalf

Where are the materials you use from?

Primarily, the materials we use are in Europe, USA & Japan:. - Boxcalf, Naturcalf, Antique, Softcalf & Grains come exclusively from Tannerie d'Annonay & Tanneries Du Puy in France. Selected articles are sourced from Haas (France) as well. - Suede com

What is the cork filler?

In a Goodyear-welted shoe, the cork filler refers to a layer of cork material that is used to fill the cavity between the insole and the outsole. This cork layer not only provides additional cushioning for comfort but also conforms to the shape of th