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Where are the materials you use from?Updated 8 months ago

Primarily, the materials we use are in Europe, USA & Japan: 

- Boxcalf, Naturcalf, Antique, Softcalf & Grains come exclusively from Tannerie d'Annonay & Tanneries Du Puy in France. Selected articles are sourced from Haas (France) as well. 

- Suede comes from Italy, mainly from Conceria Zonta & C F Stead in the UK. 

- Shell Cordovan comes from Horween (USA), Shinki Hikaku (Japan) & Rocado (Italy) - Heritage & Waxy Shell Shell Cordovan are exclusively tanned for Meermin. 

- Waxy Commander, our waxed suede is exclusively sourced from C F Stead in the UK. - Waxy Kudu, Naked Kudu, Shrunken Kudu, Oiled shoulders & Unicorn is exclusively sourced from C F Stead in the UK. 

- Museum Calf come from Conceria Zonta in Italy. 

- Chromexcel, Chamois & Horween Shell are exclusively sourced from the American Tannery Horween located in Chicago, IL. 

- Leather & Rubber soles are mainly sourced in Spain, Italy, Germany & the UK. 

- Leather insoles & Welts are also sourced in Spain.

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