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Where are your shoes made?

Our shoes are made in our Factory in Shanghai, China. Exclusively made using raw materials sourced from all over the world but principally from France, Italy & Japan. Our Design & Management Team is based in Mallorca (Spain).

Are all your products designed in house?

Yes. We do design & produce all product in house, from lasts to patterns, components all the way to the final product. We also personally hand select the raw materials used in our production.

Will you receive a restock?

We understand the frustration that comes from sometimes not being able to purchase your preferred products. That's why we consistently replenish our ready-to-wear collection. To maximize your chances of being able to get the style & size you are afte

Can I customise a stock product?

Unfortunately not. Said that, form time to time we offer Custom Events, where you can customize product to your own specifications.

How can I know if a product is in stock?

All the products available to buy from our site are in stock & ready to ship, except for MTO Groups which are Made To Order and have a specific delivery time for each of them & Custom made products. In case you cannot find your size, do not worry, we

Can I get sized in person?

Absolutely! Just visit any of our Stores and our expert Team members will gladly assist you finding the best size & a proper fit. Here is a list of our Retail locations including all the necessary information.

What is the difference between shoe polish and shoe cream?

Shoe polish and shoe cream are both products used for the care and maintenance of leather footwear, but they serve slightly different purposes and have different formulations. Shoe Polish:. Shoe Cream:. In summary, while both shoe polish and shoe cre

Will the leather stretch after some use?

Leather in Goodyear-welted shoes may stretch slightly over time due to wear, adapting to the shape of your foot. However, the extent of stretching is generally minimal compared to other construction methods. Proper sizing from the start is crucial fo