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What is Goodyear Welted construction?

Goodyear Welted refers to a traditional method of shoe construction that enhances durability, comfort, and the potential for resoling. In this technique, a strip of leather (the welt) is stitched to both the upper part of the shoe and the insole. The

Which kind of construction do you use?

We exclusively produce Goodyear Welted, Handwelted & Norvegese shoes & boots.

What is Norvegesse construction?

Norwegian construction involves a unique method where the upper is stitched to the insole and midsole, and then an additional seam is made through the outsole, creating a highly durable and water-resistant design. This meticulous construction is know

What is Handwelted?

A handwelted shoe is a type of high-quality footwear where the upper, insole, and outsole are stitched together by hand using a welt. The welt is a strip of leather that runs along the perimeter of the shoe, connecting the upper and the sole. This me

What is the difference between Goodyear Welted and Flex Goodyear Welted construction?

The main difference between Goodyear welted and Flex Goodyear welted shoes lies in the comfort of the shoes. Goodyear Welted:. Flex Goodyear Welted:. In summary, Flex Goodyear welted shoes prioritize a more immediate comfort and flexibility, making t