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What is the "Gentleman's Notch"?Updated 8 months ago

The notch on the inner part of leather-soled shoes, commonly referred to as the "gentleman's notch," serves a practical purpose in preserving the integrity of fine trousers. This deliberate cutout in the leather heel stack is designed to prevent wear and tear on the trousers caused by the inner edge of the shoe's heel. 

When a person walks, the trouser leg naturally falls toward the back of the shoe. Without the gentleman's notch, the friction between the trouser fabric and the sharp inner edge of the heel could lead to damage over time. This damage may manifest as fraying, snagging, or even ripping of the trouser fabric at the hem.

The gentleman's corner is a mark of craftsmanship, showcasing attention to detail and adding a refined touch to the overall aesthetic of the shoe. Details like these reflect our commitment to preserve craftsmanship while enhancing both the functionality of the footwear and the longevity of the clothing it interacts with, showcasing a thoughtful approach to our design process.

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