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What is a MTO Group?

Made To Order Groups are conceived as a way to offer you the widest range of possibilities. Customers pre-order the item, once the number of units supported reaches the campaign goal, the item is successfully funded, and then we start the production.

How do MTO Groups work?

Please check How do MTO Groups work? page, it covers all the topics related to how Made To Order Groups work.

Is there any fee or upcharge on MTO Groups?

No. Even the MTO Groups are exclusively made under request, they are offered with no upcharge or additional fees. They're offered at regular rates.

Can MTO items be returned?

No. As these pairs are exclusively made for you, they're not coming out of the shelf and so we do not keep inventory for these specific styles—and in order to be able to offer them with no upcharges, no returns or exchanges will be accepted.

When will my MTO Order ship?

The estimated delivery date is informed on every MTO Group. Please refer to the article to check for the estimated shipping date. If youy need any further information, please kindly Contact our CX Team

Want to make a suggestion for upcoming MTOs?

Sure! Happy to hear what you'd like to see in the groups. Send us your suggestions via the Suggest MTO—we'll do our best to bring something close to your expectations.