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NEGON Last FitUpdated 3 months ago

The NEGON last is designed to provide a superior boot fit, which boasts a wider and flatter toe shape, providing ample room and a more comfortable fit. Additionally, the last incorporates a supportive back area to ensure excellent stability, and a generous fit in the forefoot allowing for a very comfortable fit from day one. Featuring a wide round toe with a flat profile for a more distressed look. 

The NEGON last is exclusive to our new boot build. 


The NEGON last is part of our new range of Extended Sizing, we've worked to offer a selection styles in a unified sizing system ranging from size 2 to size 15 in order to provide as many options as possible to both men and women. For this style we do recommend men to go with their regular UK size, whereas we do recommend women going 1 full size down from their regular UK Meermin size or 3.5 sizes down from their US size.

  • Extended Sizes range comes in sizes from 2UK to 15UK in order to cover all sizing needs. 
  • Men's go with your regular UK size, for an adjusted fit on this loafer. 
  • Women's take 3.5 sizes down from your US size or take 1 full size down from your UK Meermin size.

Embrace the perfect fusion of style and comfort with the Meermin NEGON Last, an exquisite choice for those seeking elevated boot aesthetics.

Note: All Meermin Shoes are UK Sized. Take 1 full size down from your US size.

Negon Last Measurements:


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