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How do I receive points for referring a friend?Updated 8 months ago

After a successful referral, points will be promptly added to your account. To effectively refer a friend, simply include your friend's email in the 'Refer a Friend' section on our Loyalty Program page. Here's how it works: if your friend, who has never made a purchase from Meermin before, buys a pair of full-priced footwear using the referral link sent in your email, you will be rewarded with points. 

It's noteworthy that referrals are not only a means of earning points but also contribute towards your Tier Levels. This implies that you can relish the benefits associated with higher Tier levels by referring friends and family, even if you have no purchase history with Meermin. We value the community aspect of our loyalty program, encouraging you to share the rewards and elevate your Tier status through the connections you build with others.

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