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How do I access the next Tier level?Updated 8 months ago

We believe that your Tier level shouldn't be solely determined by spending, which is why we've introduced two ways for you to ascend to the next Tier Level: through your purchases or by referring Meermin to friends. 

  • Fan: Everyone is welcomed and included in the Tier level, allowing you to collect 1 point for every 1€ spent and providing the opportunity to refer a friend. 
  • Insider: Attain Silver status by either spending 750€ or by successfully referring Meermin to 5 friends. 
  • Legend: Reach the Gold level by spending 2000€ or by successfully referring Meermin to 10 friends. 

Explore the various perks and benefits associated with each Tier Level outlined above this section. We value both your patronage and your advocacy, providing you with flexible pathways to enjoy the exclusive advantages that come with each Tier Level.

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